“Where to next?”

It’s a simple question I get asked quite often. But, after my summer plans of 2014 fell apart before my eyes, answering this question became more difficult. People were worried about me and the cancellation of my trip, but all the questions and concern only made it worse to go through.

Which is why, from now on, the question of “where to next?” won’t be answered so easily. There may be small hints and little details, but I won’t fully announce a trip the way I used to. No more excited posts when plane tickets are booked or posts with hopeful plans the weeks and months before. None of this because sometimes the best part of travel is just to experience it and be in the moment, each and every moment and to just allow it to happen.

I will say that there are always travel plans ahead and always a place I am headed to next. It can be somewhere exotic and far off, but sometimes it’s an adventure close to home.

For 2015, there are a couple of adventures, so be on the look out. I promise that as soon as I am on them, you will be the first to know.

Where to Next?