Wanderer of the Week: Liz Cleland of Western New Yorker

Liz Cleland of Western New Yorker.

Wanderer of the Week: Liz Cleland of Western New Yorker

While traveling in the Finger Lakes this past September, I had the pleasure of meeting Liz Cleland of Western New Yorker. We got along so well, and I loved her outlook on life, which is why I wanted to introduce you all to her. She was even one of the reasons I was brave enough to go up on the glider. Liz is a creative homemaker and mother to her adorable son, Mclachlan, who wants to encourage people to enjoy life, family, and cooking.

What was the first trip you remember?

I remember traveling as a small child with my family. We were not a rich family but my parents always scrimped and saved to take one trip a year.

I know it’s hard to narrow down, but what are your three favorite places in the world?

I always say I have not visited my favorite place…YET! If I had to choose I feel a home in Saint Augustine Florida. I also fell in love with Orange Beach in Alabama!

Who is your favorite person to travel with? Why?

My family is amazing to travel with. My son in particular helps me see and experience things from a different point of view.

Liz Cleland of Western New Yorker.

Tell us about your most memorable trip.

I would say the cruising to the Dominican Republic on the Fathom Adonia. It was the most rewarding experience of my life! I had never been to a 3rd world country until then. What a culture SHOCK. We taught English to children, helped concrete their home floors and just volunteered to help the community.

Are you a light packer or a heavy packer?

Haha, I am a master of light packing given I travel so much now.

Do you have a funny story about a travel mishap that you’d like to share?

I have so many funny mishaps since I travel so much. I would say the things I forget to pack top all of them. I have forgotten so many vital things even though I make a list before I leave. Examples taking my digital camera and forgetting the battery, I have forgotten underwear, socks, deodorant, USB cables you name it!

Liz Cleland of Western New Yorker.

Top three items you can’t leave home without.

Camera, phone and comfortable shoes!

Why do you travel?

As a child I was very sheltered. I find traveling helps me break out of my comfort zone and learn so much. Both learning about myself and also about other cultures and people.

What is your favorite airline? Why?

Spirit! They are easy to work with, more leg room and rather inexpensive!!

What is your favorite way to keep busy on the plane?

Reading a book or chatting with my plane seat mates.

Liz Cleland of Western New Yorker.

Do you have any tips for jet lag?

I try to change my sleep schedule before I leave for my trip. Get on the new sleep schedule maybe a week before I leave.

What’s your worst travel experience?

Remember when I stated the Dominican Republic cruise was the most memorable? It is also by far my worst trip I have taken. I contracted a horrific parasite that landed me in quarantine and the hospital for 5 days. Hands down never been so sick in my life! Would do it all over again though because that trip was AMAZING besides that mishap!

What advice would you give to people who want to travel solo but are too afraid?

Just do it! Seriously, the more you travel the more comfortable I feel you become doing it.

Interested in following Liz and her future travels? You can find her here:

Western New Yorker

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