Cross Country Adventure: Week One Recap

Badlands National Park

Cross Country Adventure: Week One Recap

Yesterday marked one week on the road for Christy and me, although we both agree it feels like we’ve been on this cross country adventure for much longer. There’s been little sleep, lots of singing and laughter, and a ton of miles under our belt. But, this is only the first week, and we still have about two more to go until we reach Portland. There, I’ll leave Christy on her adventure and head home to figure out mine a bit more.

Cross Country Adventure

Here’s a quick recap of where we’ve been and what we’ve done and seen so far, but there will be more detailed posts to come in the near future.

Asheville to Nashville

Nashville, Tennessee

Even though we got an early start, Christy had a few errands to run before we could really get out on the road. After about five and a half hours, we arrived and checked into our hotel in the West End of town. Even though we were exhausted, we got dressed and headed out. We started out at the Patterson House, which was near the hotel, then Saint Añejo in the Gulch for dinner. We took a Joyride to 2nd Avenue, hopped in a random bar, met and hung out with a member of the band who was playing, and hung out with our new friends until 5:30am. We were all over Nashville, but more on that at another time.

Nashville to St. Louis

St. Louis, Missouri

This day was all about driving, mainly because we got a very late start in Nashville. We woke up after about four hours of sleep and lounged around before getting out on the road, eating our leftover breakfast from Asheville’s Corner Kitchen. Then, we drove along Music Row, got right on the highway, and headed out. This day, we drove from Tennessee through Kentucky and Illinois to Missouri, ending up in a hotel outside the city that was cheap, but I wouldn’t recommend it.

St. Louis to South Sioux City

This was another long driving day. For some reason, even though we got an early start, it took us much longer than expected to get where we needed to be. We drove through Missouri into Iowa, and finally ended up in Nebraska. This day was rough because we had no place to stay, but we saw a billboard on the road, looked it up, and wound up getting a last minute mobile deal for under one hundred dollars. After the previous night, it was such a treat, especially because the hotel sat on the Missouri River. Plus, the accommodations were quite luxurious, especially considering how little we were spending.

South Sioux City to Hot Springs

The Badlands

This was by far our most exciting day, as it was less about driving, though we drove a lot, and more about seeing some of the sights. This stretch was probably the most beautiful of the trip so far. We woke up early, took a walk on the Missouri River, grabbed breakfast sandwiches at McDonald’s, and hit the road. Over the course of the day, we drove from Nebraska through Iowa, and throughout the entire state of South Dakota. We made our way to Badlands National Park and Mount Rushmore before arriving at Historic Log Cabins Motel. On our way, we drove through Custer National Park and Wind Cave National Park, seeing buffalo on our way; it was the most perfect day.

Hot Springs to Denver


After a delicious breakfast at our cabin, we backtracked a few miles to Wind Cave National Park to see the buffalo we drove past the previous night. After taking a few photos, we made our way to Denver, driving through Wyoming on the way. It was a long, flat drive and nothing made me more excited than seeing a city on the road out in front of me. We checked into our hotel, grabbed dinner and drinks nearby, and wound up having so much fun that we stayed out until 3am. More details on that soon.

Denver to Edwards

The Lodge and Spa at Cordillera

We woke up with little sleep and an exciting drive through the mountains at an altitude that we both had never been at; what we had waiting for us was exactly what we needed. After a very busy and exhausting start to our trip, we settled on two days in the mountains to rest and relax after long days on the road. But, after we were unable to find accommodations in Moab, Utah, we decided to stay one more night in our luxurious mountain retreat. There’s been yoga, swimming, and catching up on sleep, but now we’re looking forward to a bit of outdoor adventuring over the next few days.

I promise there’s more to come about each of these places, but for now, I hope that you’ll continue to follow along throughout the rest of our adventure. For the most recent updates, check out Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat (WanderingErin).

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