The CKGS Saga Continues.


The CKGS Saga Continues.

I honestly believe that everything happens for a reason and that there’s some unknown reason behind my passport and visa issues, but I also believe it’s important to bring attention to this issue. Nothing is going to change unless people know what is going on, and I feel that I have the platform to do just that.

Writing negative posts is not something I enjoy doing, but I do feel the need to let people know what else has occurred in my dealings with Cox & Kings (CKGS), since the my last post.

Yesterday, after little sleep, I woke up early to cancel my flight. Never in all of my years of traveling have a I had to cancel a flight, and, under the circumstances, it was difficult not to get upset about the process, especially since the flight was non-refundable.

Vayama, the company I booked with, was excellent and gave me many different options before I finally chose to cancel. I almost made a change to my reservation, but with over $700 in change fees and the difference in flight prices, I decided it wasn’t worth it. My fear was that I would have to cancel that flight too, losing more money all at the hands of CKGS. Hopefully some of that can be refunded through insurance, but the process has been completely draining and it’s far from over.

On Friday afternoon, I refused to go back to the CKGS office. One experience was enough for me, and since I had already left VisaHQ in charge of my visa and was paying them, I let them take care of the issue. Now, I am beginning to feel grateful that I did go through VisaHQ because they have access to CKGS that I would never have. Still, even though they can gain access, that doesn’t prevent CKGS from lying to them.

I knew the person in charge of my case at VisaHQ was heading to the CKGS office on Friday evening and when I e-mailed her to ask for the status, she informed me that CKGS had told her my visa had been denied, and that she wasn’t sure why, but that she would find my passport and leave with it.

Disappointed and confused at the reason for being denied, I began to think of possible reasons. Would my dual citizenship have been an issue? Perhaps I had traveled too much in the past few years. I had questions, but I felt relieved that I had an answer and would be getting back my passport. That way, I could head to the consulate myself to resolve the issue and get on my way to India.

But, a few hours into this thought process, I began to worry. I remembered the CKGS employees I had dealt with the day before and the lies they so blatantly told the people I was surrounded by. I began to see this as a way for them to buy time, and an excuse for the grief they have been giving me.

Which is why, I wasn’t surprised when the e-mail came at 11pm telling me that VisaHQ hadn’t found the passport and was leaving the office with nothing. My heart began to sink, and I knew I’d have no choice but to cancel my flight.

An hour later, I received another e-mail from VisaHQ informing me that before they were told that the visa had been denied, they were told that my visa was sent directly to me. This was impossible because I had never paid for shipping, and when they weren’t able to answer questions about tracking numbers or payment methods, they switched their story and said my visa had not been approved.

Again, it was confirmed that the business I was dealing with was corrupt. But, the plot continued to thicken with an e-mail I received yesterday morning.

After my issues on Thursday, I spent Friday reaching out and leaving telephone messages and e-mails to everyone I thought could be of service. Of those, I received one e-mail back. It was from the Indian consulate, confirming one of my greatest fears, that Cox & Kings had never even submitted my passport to the consulate.

I knew that there was no hope in getting my visa in time for my flight, and reluctantly, I picked up the phone and cancelled my trip. Then, I spent the day sending more e-mails and making more phone calls; the process has been exhausting.

Around mid-day, I was given an e-mail address for someone who works at CKGS, from someone who has gone through the process. It was my first direct line into the company, and I couldn’t have been more grateful. I sent an e-mail, and actually got a reply rather quickly. It was the first positive step of the experience.

While, I haven’t heard from this person yet again, they have promised to locate my passport. It may not even be a real lead to where it is, though I do feel some small sense of hope. But, that could just be the positive attitude I usually carry with me.

To further practice that positive outlook, I decided to finally finish up packing for India. Maybe sending some sign to the Universe that I am ready to go will help. Who knows? But, I’m at a loss of what else to do at this point, and with my passport still missing, there’s not much for me to do but wait. When it does finally arrive, I want to be ready to head out that door and finally get on my way to India.

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  1. Craig Zabransky

    sorry to see this saga continue… hopefully your packing sent the universe the right message and hopefully detailing your saga through these posts will help others who plan to travel to India… best of luck.
    stay thinking of you, Craig

    1. Natasha

      So sorry to hear about your trouble – hope you get your passport back soon. It is such a shame. Fingers crossed you get to India soon !

      1. The World Wanderer

        Thanks, Natasha! I hope so too! Thanks for the positive vibes. 🙂

    2. The World Wanderer

      I agree, Craig! Thanks for all the support. I have been in contact with so many people in the last few days. It’s definitely been hard with the weekend in the middle of it, but I am feeling hopeful as we get to Monday.

  2. Adam&Amanda

    Sorry to hear about the blatantly corrupt snakes at Cox&Kings, I hope all is sorted out for you much more quickly than it has been! Don’t doubt your faith in the Universe it will surely spare no merci upon those corrupt swine! Keep staying positive and we look forward to reading the good news!

    1. The World Wanderer

      Thanks, Adam and Amanda!! It has been quite the process, and yet I am still hopeful that I will get to India sooner rather than later. I just can’t wait to get there, as I was so excited for the experience. I, too, am looking forward to the good news. 🙂

  3. Lance | Trips By Lance

    I have nothing to add to this conversation, but just to let you know I’m thinking about you in this dreadful process. I hope it gets worked out soon. I was constantly checking Facebook Saturday in hopes I would see some miracle had happened. I’m hoping it happens for you ASAP.

    1. The World Wanderer

      I was honestly convinced I was going to get a miracle! No dice, haha. I’ve always had the best luck while traveling, which makes me think everything happens for a reason. That reason is unknown, but thinking of it that way absolutely helps. Otherwise, I think I’d be crying everyday!

  4. Heather

    Like many others, I’ve been following your visa saga–which is every travelers nightmare. I hope you get good news soon!

  5. Kiera

    I wondered over the weekend what the latest on this story was, and I’m so sorry to hear that you had to cancel your flight. I think that while that’s frustrating, I also think how scary it is that they have your passport but they don’t know where it is. It’s a violation of your personal identity! You will have many tips to share with everyone once this is over, but in the meantime, still sending good thoughts, vibes, and since you’re thinking of india, a bit of Om and Namaste to help you keep your sanity and hopefully get on another plane to India soon!

    1. The World Wanderer

      Thanks so much, Kiera! I got good news yesterday that it’s on its way to me. I guess having a bit of say on here helps, but I still feel bad for other people who haven’t been able to locate their passports. In my mind, it’s an issue of security, who knows what they are doing with them. Most likely, it’s just super disorganized, but still, I let my imagination run wild.

      Thanks for sending the good thoughts. Now, I’m dealing with the insurance company who says a cancellation of this matter doesn’t fall under the policy. Sheesh…it’s like a never ending battle!

  6. Niraj Dewan

    The service fee is so high than the previous service provider. I do not understand even after charging $ 18.00, CKGS is not able to give a basic visa service to us whereas the previous service provider was able to give a reasonable service @ $4.00 irrespective of the consulate delays.

    Is the government or the consulate people making money with the difference of cost which is our hard earned money going for waste for such a pathetic and disrespectful services given by CKGS.
    Is anyone listening to this or is it just going down the drain and waiting for miracles to happen where illiterate people are handling the basic work and not able to do their own JOB correctly ?????????????

    1. The World Wanderer

      Niraj, I completely feel your pain. This is what a lot of the conversation was about outside of CKGS in NYC. It’s hard to understand why fees were raised if there is so much wrong with what is going on. I’m sure someone is making money off of it, and it’s pathetic because we are all losing money. I lost over $1,000 on the flight I had to cancel, as well as money I had spent on the trip, that now may not happen. It’s very upsetting.

      Is your passport one of the ones that’s been missing? If so, e-mail me at, and I can give you some advice that worked for me. 🙂

  7. Alex

    Can you share with me the email address of the person at CKGS? I’m going through the same nightmare and my travel date is Thursday!!

    1. Mike

      Could I get the email address as well? I’m currently living the same nightmare. I just cancelled my flight for tonight, and my vacation days are ticking away.

      1. The World Wanderer

        Hi Mike! I sent you an e-mail. 🙂

  8. Jeff

    Hi – I am really struggling with CKGS and have been for 6 weeks now. Any chance I could also receive that email?

    Best of luck with all your travels.


  9. JFC

    also struggling with CKGS and travelling next week DO you mind sending on any email address for NYC office? thanks..

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