An Interview with Carlos Cymerman, Founder of We Travel For Good

Carlos Cymerman, Founder of We Travel For Good

An Interview with Carlos Cymerman, Founder of We Travel For Good

“It is not the quantity of people we help, but the quality of the relationships we develop, and travel experiences we reward that are important and will make a significant difference in life.” Carlos Cymerman, Founder of We Travel for Good

Carlos Cymerman, Founder of We Travel For Good

Carlos Cymerman is a man who is passionate about not only travel and seeing the world, but also with helping others experience it for themselves. His company, We Travel For Good, is all about helping people make a difference while rewarding travel.

I have had the pleasure of speaking to Carlos a few times, and his passion shines through in all he does.  Immediately, I knew I wanted to interview him, so that you too could see what has inspired him to travel and how he plans on helping others travel, while making a difference in the world.

When in your life did you first discover that travel was one of your passions? Do you remember the exact moment, or did it develop over time?
My family made a point to make travel an integral part of our lives. By the
time I was nine years old, I had already seen at least twelve countries. Then, I continued to travel abroad in junior high and high school.

Of the bucket list items you were able to check off by the time you were forty, what was your favorite? 
I saw the pyramids in Giza which was amazing and went to the Great Wall of
China. But attending the Summer Olympics six times has been my favorite bucket
list experience because I get to experience it every four years in a new
city in the world.

What is your favorite continent? Country? Why?
My favorite continent is Europe. The country is Spain because I speak Spanish fluently, and I feel at home when I travel there.  Every time I go back, I stay there for longer periods of time.

When did you first launch We Travel For Good? What gave you the inspiration for it?
I launched We Travel for Good in 2013.  I wanted to do something fun that made a difference, so I created a solution that is both collaborative and inspirational.  It has the potential to transform the way we travel and see the world.

How would you describe We Travel For Good?
We are a collaborative solution that empowers people to share their social network to generate proceeds for causes and travel.

Why should people get involved with what you offer?
We are the only solution in the world that uses social contacts to benefit the individual participant. He or she can use their travel rewards for their own consumption, or to gift them to anyone in the world.

How do most people hear about We Travel For Good?
Through conversations I have with people and referrals.

You just launched We Party For Good, can you explain a little bit more about the concept behind it?
Using the same collaborative funding solution as We Travel for Good, people participate and introduce us to their contacts, and we generate proceeds through recruiting for good, to fund green causes, and we match monies raised to reward travel to party for good around the world. Our first party is just for ten people to attend an all access VIP vacation in Ibiza with Andrea Feczko, host of Ultra Music festival.

Andrea Feczko, host of Ultra Music festival.

What’s next for We Travel For Good?
We love to develop a solution called B.L.C., the bucket list challenge, to inspire people to complete a bucket list destination with a team made up of their friends or family members. The team participates in our funding solution, we fund their bucket list destination, and upon completing their feat, we will donate $10,000 to their favorite nonprofit.

You can follow We Travel For Good on Facebook and Twitter. If you’re interested in working with Carlos and his company, feel free to contact him, and mention that you read about his company on The World Wanderer.

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  1. Leah

    This is awesome! Well done to Carlos for creating his vision. I’d totally be on board for his BLC. As you know, I’ve got my list published and ready to mark off.

  2. Lance | Trips By Lance

    Sounds like a great organization. Sometimes it’s hard to find ways to mix the desire to do something good with the ability to accomplish it.

  3. Francesca (@WorkMomTravels)

    Interesting concept… Encouraging people to help others and see the world. I’m on board with both!

  4. Lola DiMarco

    Party for Good? That sounds like it has Lola all over it! this is a fantastic idea I would love to see grow!

  5. Pola (Jetting Around)

    Having recently done volunteering, I’m starting to notice more companies who combine travel with philanthropy. Thank you for introducing me to this organization. It sounds like a unique concept and I’m happy to learn more from their website.

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