2014 Resolution: Nowhere to Go But Everywhere.

Resolutions are always an interesting topic.  Some people make them each year, breaking them within the first few weeks, while others flat out refuse to join in on the fun.  Often they have to do with diet and exercise, and at least in America, the gyms become packed right after the holidays, only to trickle down to normal attendance weeks later.

Since 2011, resolutions for me have been about making goals that count and improving the quality of my life. What I knew then, and continue to discover, is that nothing makes my life better than travel. To see how the rest of the world lives and to experience life on the other side of the globe changes who I am in many ways. Many more ways than would ever happen while staying at home.

Barcelona, Spain

Sometimes these changes occur due to the people I meet, while other times, they happen due to the quality time I spend with myself when I travel. Solo travel can be one of the most enlightening forms of travel because there are no distractions, just time with ourselves and our thoughts. That, and time to fully take in and appreciate the magical beauty of the world.

A few weeks ago, I found this quote and have decided that it will be my quote for the year.

“There was nowhere to go but everywhere, so just keep on rolling under the stars.” Jack Kerouac

This is exactly what I see for my life; I want to go everywhere, which is why I have decided to make travel an integral part of my life. Sure, it’s not easy, and yes, it’s exhausting, but it is my greatest love and passion, and for me, it makes life worth living. As I said years ago, “I am not wandering just to wander; I want to explore. I want to meet every person I encounter, swim in every ocean and sea, taste every food, see every city, experience every culture, climb every mountain, and live each and every day on earth with a purpose.”

For 2014, I am resolving to not let life pass me by and to grab each opportunity I can to see the world, no matter the sacrifices I need to make in order to make these dreams a reality. For me, there is just no other way to live.

Trees in Barcelona

My 2014 resolution is all about living life to the fullest, and for me, travel is life, and the only way for me to truly live is by traveling as often as I can. This is why, for 2014, I am also resolving to travel at least once each month.

This may sound ambitious, but I am not planning a big getaway each month, just a trip away from home, at least once a month.  It may not always be easy, but I think it will be the best way to spend this new year.

So far, I have a few trips planned, but many months still need to be filled.  Some trips will be to far off destinations, others will be close to home, and some will bring me to visit friends and family.  Regardless of where I’ll be headed, I am excited for the possibilities that this year will bring.  2014 is my year, I just know it.

19 thoughts on “2014 Resolution: Nowhere to Go But Everywhere.

    • Thanks, Lance! That’s my hope. It doesn’t have to be anything crazy (like my plans for the summer), but it can be anything where I am exploring, adventuring, and learning more about myself during the process.

      Hope our paths cross again too! I am sure they will, but like you said, for a longer period of time. :)

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