Arrive Feeling Refreshed: the Dos and Don’ts of Air Travel

Martini time!

Arrive Feeling Refreshed: the Dos and Don’ts of Air Travel

From packing the perfect outfits for my destination to the beauty products I bring along, looking good while traveling has always been a bit of an obsession of mine.  Inspired partially by how run down and ragged people look while traveling, my quest for the perfect travel appearance started years back.

I remember reading an article about fashion models and actresses, whose only time to sleep was on planes, and how they would have to head straight from the airport to bookings and appointments.  I didn’t know how they could do it, but the article included tips on how they arrive feeling refreshed.  Over time, it inspired me to bring my travel beauty routine to a whole new level, one that I continue to follow each time I fly.

First photo in London.

Air travel can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be.  These rules are relatively easy to follow, and they make all the difference since you are able to arrive at your destination, feeling just as good as you did when you left.

Do moisturize.

One of the most important pieces of advice I have discovered is to travel with a moisturizer or serum handy during flight time.  Throughout a flight, I apply lotion to my face several times, and immediately I feel better.  The air in a plane is recycled and can take a lot of moisture out of the skin; replenishing it mid-flight helps improve skin’s appearance almost immediately.  I also make sure to bring vaseline for my lips, as they tend to also dry out while in flight.

Don’t wear too much make-up.

I do like to look my best while traveling, especially if I have the luck of meeting someone at the airport, but I find too much make-up is never a good idea.  I stick to eyeliner and under-eye brightener, but keep my face relatively clean.  Then, when I land, I try to touch myself up at the airport.  Of course, this depends on where I am going and who I will be seeing when I arrive.  If I am going home, I usually tend to stay without make-up just because it’s not as necessary.

Do hydrate.

No matter where I am going, or how long the flight, I always buy the biggest bottle of water, or two, at the airport to bring along with me.  Just as with the importance of moisturizing the face, the body benefits from water, especially while flying.  While I may enjoy one alcoholic beverage, pre-boarding or during the first round of beverage service, I tend to stick to water throughout the flight.  I will also allow myself one cup of coffee or tea, if I am arriving in the morning and need to function, but I make sure to order water along with it.

Don’t drink too much alcohol.

I fully support drinking and flying, but I limit myself to one drink at the airport or one on the plane.  Not only can drinks cost a pretty penny, they don’t always help you sleep as much as you hope.  I know that if I drink more than one drink during travel, I don’t arrive feeling my best.  Which is why, I limit myself when it comes to drinking while flying.

Martini time!

Do budget time wisely.

I’ll admit that plane journeys are my only time to catch up on movies, as I usually don’t have time to sit in front of the television at home for a few hours at a time.  Still, I try to limit the amount of time I spend watching movies, as well as reading and time on my computer, to ensure I have enough time to rest.  Yes, the in-flight entertainment can curb any boredom while flying, but I believe it should have some limit.

Don’t forget to sleep.

Sleep is a necessity if you want to arrive at your destination looking and feeling good, but it is usually easier said than done.  What I do is put on my sleeping mask from the moment I want to sleep, leaving it on until the lights in the cabin are back on.  Even if I can’t sleep, I try to give my body a significant time to experience darkness and rest.  To aid in the job, I also bring headphones or earplugs to block out noises, socks to keep my feet warm, and my own small blanket and pillow to aid in the comfort factor.

Sleeping beauty.

When it comes to flying, several tests of trial and error to see what works best for you and your body are definitely key in realizing what’s needed in order for you to arrive feeling refreshed at your final destination.  This method has taken me years to perfect, but each time I travel this way, I feel more refreshed than ever, whether I am arriving at home or abroad.

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Comments (29)

  1. @mrsoaroundworld

    Good tips miss! All common sense. I have noticed in the last couple of years a real nice to hydrate and moisturise – and that means water. I tend to restrain my drinking (except the one drink or two) in shorter overnight flights (e.g. NYC-LON) as you are right, you don’t sleep well!

    1. The World Wanderer

      Thanks, Ana! Definitely need to restrain drinking on the overnight flights, but always fun to have at least one. A celebratory drink is always nice! 🙂

  2. Lance | Trips By Lance

    The older I get the more I realize I can’t drink as much alcohol as I want and go without sleep and still function properly. I’ve finally started curbing my alcohol intake, just a bit. And I actually have felt better when I drink more water on the plane.

    1. The World Wanderer

      Right? I agree that a drink is needed, but as I get older, I definitely drink less. Water is the way to go!

  3. Ron | Active Planet Travels

    Sleeping on a plane has always been relatively easy for me. I don’t know why but to me the constant hum of the engine is soothing…who knows. lol Good tips!

    1. The World Wanderer

      I agree it’s soothing. Still sometimes I am pumped up on adrenaline and excitement and can’t sleep. 🙂

  4. Gerard ~ GQ trippin

    I NEVER have a problem sleeping. 🙂
    Unless there are babies around.. UGHHH

  5. SnarkyNomad

    I accidentally discovered a genius jetlag-prevention tip, and it was to do the exact opposite of what you’re describing, and arrive hopelessly exhausted, right around 10pm. That way as soon as you get to your room, you collapse in a motionless heap on the bed and don’t get up until morning, perfectly calibrated to your newly scheduled time zone, and ready to go.

    Sadly I didn’t book a room for that night, so I ended up wandering random Lithuanian streets at midnight for a while before I figured things out. But that just made the whole plan work even better!

    1. The World Wanderer

      Hahahaha, yes, this works too. I’ve definitely arrived in a city on no sleep with no where to go. Just makes things interesting, right? Almost got hit by a double-decker bus…fun times!

  6. Mary Anne

    Best advice. Agreed that flying is tough on one’s body, but if you pay attention and take care not to indulge in too much salty food and booze you should be fine.

    1. The World Wanderer

      Thanks, Mary Anne. Oh yes, salty food…but, yum! 😉

  7. Leah

    I know I need to drink more water when flying, but I HATE using airplane bathrooms. And when you’re flying 12+ hours, that’s just not possible. Great tips!

    1. The World Wanderer

      I hate using airport bathrooms too, and it’s even worse when you’re in a window seat. I drink so much water while flying, I spend a significant amount of time in the bathroom. Thank goodness for anti-bacterial wipes!

  8. Traveling Ted

    Great tips. As you know, I too enjoy a alcoholic beverage or two, especially when traveling, but I don’t like to drink too much on a plane either. This is especially true if sitting penned in by other travelers. I don’t want to have to get up and go to the bathroom four times and bothering my seatmates.

    I usually do the same: drink one or two before take off and then maybe one or two or often times none at all on the flight. Save those funds for drinks when you get there. This varies though. Once on a trip to Czech Republic I was sitting next to a college professor from Iowa was really cool and interesting. We drank a lot of red wine and talked most of the flight.

    1. The World Wanderer

      Yes, sometimes drinking with the people you are sitting next to can be a blast, haha, I’ve had a couple of those moments. 🙂

  9. the lazy travelers

    the hubs is all about the pre-flight buzz so he can properly zonk out in the air, but i’m with you. it just makes me feel extra dehydrated, swollen and gross. you’re rockin’ that sleep mask, gf.

    1. The World Wanderer

      Agreed, though some people need it. Haha, why thank you!

  10. lola

    i love the make up tip!! although i don’t follow it – i probably should. my rule is lipgloss because you never know who you’ll meet on your journey 😉

    1. The World Wanderer

      Sometimes easier said than done, especially because you’ll never know who you’ll meet. 🙂

  11. Pola (@jettingaround)

    A great set of tips, Erin! I too like to look and feel good when I’m traveling, and moisturizing is the #1 thing I do. On the road mascara and lip gloss is usually my make-up, no need for much more. 🙂

    1. The World Wanderer

      Mascara and lip gloss are always good. 🙂

  12. Raul (@ilivetotravel)

    I definitely buy the bottle of water and never wear make-up but in my work trips to Chile, I had to have 2-3 wines to fall asleep – and then I’d head to work after a shower!!

    1. The World Wanderer

      Haha, glad to hear you lay off the make-up, Raul. 🙂 Well, I can excuse wine on the way to Chile – it is so good!

  13. Charu

    Always moisturize! I usually take my in-flight masks like ones from La Mer to help. They really do.

    1. The World Wanderer

      In flight masks are a great idea. I haven’t tried one yet, but I definitely will have to give it a shot.

  14. Annie@GreenTravelReviews

    While all these tips are common sense, you wouldn’t think so with all the people who ignore totally them. Good tips, can’t be shared too often, thank you!

  15. Craig Zabransky

    Good tips… I always think I am going to catch-up on so much on a flight… reading a book, maybe writing a few posts, doing some strategic planning., watch a movie…… but the reality is, I may drink a little more than on, don’t moisturize and always sleep…

    stay honest, Craig

  16. Nussaibah

    Yes to all of these! I always carry moinsturiser and paraffin (for my lips) anywhere I go. Dry skin doesn’t make anyone feel good. And keep hydrating!

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