Sadza in Zimbabwe

Eating ugali

Sadza in Zimbabwe

There’s a dish that’s quite simple and common throughout Africa. Known as sadza in Zimbabwe, but also called ugali or pap, depending on the region you are located in. It’s a maize dish that requires just a little preparation and is made in only a matter of minutes.

It’s a traditional porridge, similar in texture to polenta, and can be eaten for breakfast with milk, or with a stew for lunch or dinner. Traditionally, it’s rolled it into a ball with your hands and dip it into stew.

Dish: Sadza

Eating ugali in Cape Town

After a few days of begging for more traditional African meals, Irvine, our tour chef, finally answered my calls. One night, he made a stew and sadza to go along with it. It was simple, and strangely comforting, though not everyone in our group was as in love with it as I was. It’s very plain and simple, but when eaten with a stew, it’s a great substitute for rice.

Ingredients & Recipe

Making ugali with Irvine

16 oz water
8 oz maize-meal powder
1 teaspoon of margarine or butter

1. Boil water
2. Add a little bit of maize-meal powder
3. Simmer for about three minutes
4. Add more maize-meal
5. Simmer it again
6. Check consistency, as maize-meal should have thickened
7. Mix it for the last minute or so, and it should thicken more
8. Top off with margarine

* A special thanks to Irvine for the recipe, cooking lesson, and musical suggestions. *

Cooking Soundtrack

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Oliver Mtukudzi – Raki, Ndakuvara, Ziwere
Zahara – Loliwe, Umthwalo, Ndiza, Lengoma
Miriam Makeba – Pata Pata
Salif Keita – Madan
Thomas Mapfumo – Shumba
Kanda Bongo Man – Lela Lela, Monie

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