Happy Thank You More Please

happy thank you more please

Happy Thank You More Please

On my way to Bangkok, during my sixteen hour flight to Hong Kong, I stumbled upon the movie HappyThankYouMorePlease. While I had seen previews for it during the winter, I never got around to actually seeing it. However, being stuck in the air for sixteen hours made it quite easy for me to find time to watch the film, and I’m happy that I did.

The story follows several late twenty-somethings who are trying to figure out their lives. But, during one scene, one of the main characters, a young woman who has alopecia, is on a date with someone she isn’t particularly interested in. However, she winds up telling him this story about how she heard from a cab driver that she needs more gratitude in her life. Then, whenever she is grateful for something and happy, she should say thank you. But then, to show the universe that she would like that happiness to continue, she learns that after saying thank you, she should add more please.

Happy Thank You More Please


Now, I have always been a huge believer in the power of positive thinking, and have read Rhonda Byrne’s The Secret and The Power multiple times.  I also listen to Louise Hay’s positive affirmations whenever I need additional uplifting.  Both of these women stress gratitude as a way to bring more good into your life. A simple thank you for all the positive aspects of your life will bring more to be grateful for.

However, the idea of saying more please was something new; it made complete sense.  Now the universe could see you were grateful for whatever created your happiness, and you are directly asking it to bring you more.  There flying somewhere above China, I was suddenly enlightened, and so was born the mantra of our Southeast Asia trip.

The other girls, also believers in positive thinking and fans of Byrne and Hay, immediately loved the idea of “happy thank you more please,” so it became a habit along the trip. We began to say it at all points to keep us positive along the way.

Safe flight: happy thank you more please.

Survived a bus ride: happy thank you more please.

Met some cute guys: happy thank you more please.

Clean hotel: happy thank you more please.

Reliable taxi: happy thank you more please.

Delicious meal: happy thank you more please.

Great bar: happy thank you more please. 


Happy Thank You More Please

Bags not lost: happy thank you more please.

Didn’t get hit by a motorbike while crossing the street in Vietnam: happy thank you more please.

Not getting eaten alive by the tiger: happy thank you more please.

Not getting robbed/mugged: happy thank you more please.

Getting the 4×4 out of the mud: happy thank you more please.

Getting to a destination even after the bus kept breaking down: happy thank you more please..

You get the point.

This mantra worked wonders on our journey because when things got us down, we learned to see the positives and be thankful for them, like the amazing scenery, good music on our i-Pods, good company, and new friends.  And, after safely getting to a destination, there’s no better phrase to mutter than happy thank you more please.

While laying in bed last night, attempting to drift to sleep, I began to longing for Southeast Asia, something that frequently occurs. Usually this brings me to tears, and I begin to feel down. But, last night something different happened, I began to think of how grateful I was for my trip. It was then that happy thank you more please came back into my mind.

How could I bring more trips like the one I had this summer back into my life if I was stuck missing it?  Instead, I had to be grateful for that experience and then ask for more just like it.

Happy Thank You More Please

And so, on that chilly October night, while longing for warm, humid Thailand and Vietnam, I resolved to make happy thank you more please, not just the mantra for my escapades, but instead to make it my mantra for life. Because I just know that so many more wonderful travel experiences are yet to come.

Happy. Thank You. More Please.

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  1. Marie

    aww that’s a really nice blog erin! hope you are happy. thank you. more please!

  2. Michelle Corrigan

    Wow I love this and the tuk tuk photo!!!brilliant!!!it really is an amazing mantra. I sometimes have to remind myself to say thank you for how truly fantastic my life is!!!So I try to say this as much as possible!!!I am happy….so please and thank you send more please!!!!xxx

    1. The World Wanderer

      Haha, isn’t it great?? I have been trying to bring it back. Sometimes I forget to be grateful.

  3. Sarah Chamberlain

    Thank you, I really enjoyed this post! Happythankyoumoreplease really rolls off the tongue! Mind if I borrow it?

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