Delayed, but Not Denied.

Delayed, but not denied on the Namibian border

Almost exactly two years ago, when I arrived on my own in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, I didn’t know what to expect. Africa was a place I had dreamed of my whole life and when I arrived, it felt very much … Continue reading 

A Backpacker’s Best Friend: Gobi Gear Hoboroll.

Gobi Gear Hoboroll

If there’s one thing I’m positive about while traveling, it’s that I like to keep it light. I prefer taking less and carrying on my luggage, as opposed to lugging around a bag that weighs more than I do. This … Continue reading 

Island Hopping with East Island Excursions.

East Island Excursions

If your planning a visit to Puerto Rico, you must also make sure your plans include stopping at some of the islands off the main island’s coast. There, you’ll find picturesque views that seem to come directly off of a … Continue reading 

Summer Plans Revamped.

photo (9)

Two weeks ago, when my passport was missing, no visa had been issued, and I had to cancel my flight, I couldn’t imagine a silver lining anywhere in my summer plans. There were really low points, where I thought I’d … Continue reading 

Heading South: An East Coast Road Trip.

Disney World

Growing up, my parents didn’t have enough money to whisk my brother and me away on fancy holidays, so we made due with our little east coast road trips. At a young age, we barely knew there was a difference … Continue reading 

What Rights Do Travelers Have?

What Rights Do Travelers Have?

What rights do travelers have? Are we protected by anyone? As soon as we step outside of our doors, anything is at stake, and that’s why we do it. We’re curious people, interested in the world, the whole world, and … Continue reading