Mustang – The Lost Kingdom of Tibet

The Lost Kingdom of Tibet

A few weeks ago, during my Fluent City workshop on Starting a Travel Blog, I was lucky to connect with talented photojournalist, Darren Ornitz. After the earthquake in Nepal, Darren decided to do something to help the country he had … Continue reading

Where to Go Next: 5 Countries I’m Currently Dreaming About


After last summer’s travel debacle, I have tried to keep relatively quiet about any upcoming travel plans. Instead of posts announcing and leading up to future travel plans, I’ll make an announcement on social media as those plans are unfolding. … Continue reading

Better Beauty Products for Your Body and the Environment

Better Beauty Products for Your Body and the Environment

In my most recent post about how travel has changed me, I wrote that I want to make sure I am contributing to a better world. One of the ways I have been doing that is by becoming a more … Continue reading

Responsible Tourism: Five Travel Experiences I Wouldn’t Do Today

Past Travel Experiences I Wouldn't Do Today

They say travel changes you, and I have seen it within myself with each trip I take. Sometimes when I look back, I realize that there were ways that I experienced the world that I would never dream of doing … Continue reading