My Interview with The Trip Tribe.

Tropic of Cancer, Namibia

“If you’re willing to see Africa by sleeping in a tent that you pitch yourself each night, the costs drop dramatically. It may not be a luxury hotel, but I can’t imagine a better way to see the countries of … Continue reading 

A Recipe for Colombian Pollo Sudado.

Colombian Pollo Sudado.

When I am not traveling, I try to include aspects of travel in my daily life. It helps me feel that even though I am not in an exotic location, I am still able to experience all the world has … Continue reading 

Living in the Present Moment.

The Okavango Delta (Photo Credit: Michael)

Living in the present moment is easy when each day is an adventure. Life on the road makes it easy to completely soak up and revel in the moments we experience. I remember my time in Africa so vividly because … Continue reading 

Volunteering Abroad.


One of the greatest aspects of travel is connecting with people and gaining a better understanding of how people in different countries around the world live. I always seem to find that as different as we all may be, essentially … Continue reading 

Around the World in One Summer.


Last April, all I wanted to do was take a trip around the world. For weeks, it was all I could think about. This has been a dream of mine since I first discovered that one could actually take a … Continue reading