15 Inspiring Quotes About Nature.

Inspiring Quotes About Nature

The more I’ve traveled, the more appreciative I’ve become of the magic of nature and the great outdoors. I have climbed mountains and sand dunes, camped in the wilderness, and immersed myself in the world while traveling, and now I … Continue reading 

Delayed, but Not Denied.

Delayed, but not denied on the Namibian border

Almost exactly two years ago, when I arrived on my own in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, I didn’t know what to expect. Africa was a place I had dreamed of my whole life and when I arrived, it felt very much … Continue reading 

A Backpacker’s Best Friend: Gobi Gear Hoboroll.

Gobi Gear Hoboroll

If there’s one thing I’m positive about while traveling, it’s that I like to keep it light. I prefer taking less and carrying on my luggage, as opposed to lugging around a bag that weighs more than I do. This … Continue reading