India Through Instagram

India through Instagram

Instagram has quickly become my favorite social media platform, as it allows me to tell my story through a moment captured in time. While traveling through India, I didn’t have time to write, as I was completely overwhelmed with my … Continue reading

Travel Inspiration at the New York Times Travel Show

Travel Inspiration at the New York Times Travel Show

For a few years now, I’ve been attending The New York Times Travel Show, and each year, it fuels my travel dreams and reignites my desire to get back on the road. Normally, it’s been a few months between my … Continue reading

Becoming a Vegetarian in India

Becoming a Vegetarian in India

Over the past year, I have tried to become more conscious of the products I am buying, trying to ensure that I am purchasing items that are better for my health and the environment, and making sure that nothing I … Continue reading

Ananda Ashram and New Year’s Eve

New Year's Eve at Ananda Ashram

After four weeks at Rishikesh Yog Dham practicing yoga for three hours each day, I felt refreshed and rejuvenated. I knew that it was going to be hard to maintain at home. In fact, I asked Arvind, our yoga instructor, … Continue reading

Eat, Pray, Love Yourself

Eat, Pray, Love Yourself

Elizabeth Gilbert’s Eat Pray Love made an impact on my life at the tender age of twenty-four, after a harsh break up with someone I thought I would marry. Knowing what I know now, I am beyond happy that it … Continue reading

Looking Back on 2015 Through Instagram

Recap of the year through instagram

Instagram continues to be one of my favorite social media outlets, as I can share so much with just one photo. In a year that started out working on myself at home to braving the woods for my first backpacking … Continue reading

Is India Safe for Solo Female Travelers?

Is India safe for solo female travelers? What I discovered during my 7 weeks in India.

“Are you sure you’ll be okay traveling alone there?” “But, you’re not afraid?” “I heard that the men stare at you, I would be so uncomfortable.” “You’re so brave for going to India alone.” “They hate foreigners there.” “Never go … Continue reading

One Bucket List Item for 2016

2016 Bucket List

In 2013, the travel blogging world lost Anita Mac, and many of us lost a friend. Anita inspired each of us in different ways with her huge, welcoming smile, eagerness to help, colorful fashion sense, as well as a shoulder … Continue reading

Nine Experiences to Have in Bangalore

Experiences to Have in Bangalore

Even though my time in Bangalore was a mere two weeks, I still was able to explore quite a bit. I tried to pack in as much as I could, but with weekend trips and getting sick, I didn’t get … Continue reading